New Day, New Way city Launches New Yard Debris and Bulk Items Waste Service March 4th

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New Year New Artist of the Month of Jan 2013!

Faye Holzaepfel is named Newnan-Coweta Art Association’s Artist of the Month for the month of January 2013

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Betty Summerlin is named Newnan-Coweta Art Association’s Artist of the Month for November.

Betty started taking art classes about seven years ago   following her retirement from banking. She still attends art class weekly enjoying the knowledge and skills and inspiration that Helen Hayes (teacher) and the other artist share with her. Oil and pastels are the only medium Betty has used thus far. Her paintings are regularly displayed in Coweta and Fayette counties.

Betty worked in banking for 40 years while living in northeast Atlanta. Betty married Allen Summerlin 10 years ago; they reside on the south shore of Clearwater Lake in Sharpsburg. Allen has become a Coweta County Master Gardener. Betty and Allen have five children and five grandchildren between them.

Betty is a member of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association and has served as a board member. NCAA meets the third Thursday of each month (from September through May) at the Harriet Alexander Art Center on Hospital Road at 7:00pm. Visitors and new members are welcome. An art demonstration is presented each month. Come and join the fun.






Animal Warden – October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and that means it’s time to celebrate all things canine and get more homeless pups into forever homes. A recent poll showed that people who adopted a dog from a shelter were much more likely to be pleased with their experience than those who purchased a puppy from a pet store. Shelter dog adopters are also almost twice as likely, compared to pet store customers, to feel that the process by which they got their dog was honest and transparent.

When you adopt a dog and/or cat from the local shelter, your pet will already be vacinated, spay/nuetered AND microchipped.   Also, if you stop in at our local shelter they have a board that is “featured pets”.   These pets are free to a good home and come ready to go so PLEASE stop in at our local shelter.

Get Involved
There are tons of ways to get involved this October, ranging from sending a single tweet to volunteering at your local shelter and/or humane society.  Remember—there are millions of wonderful, adorable dogs in our country who need homes, so please opt to adopt!

Keep Newnan Beautiful is coordinating an Electronics Recycling event on October 20th

Keep Newnan Beautiful is coordinating an Electronics Recycling event on October 20th as part of the Greener Greater Newnan Festival and America Recycles Day.  The event will be held at Ashley Park from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. The collection will be located in the area/parking lot behind Honey Baked Ham.   Accepted Items Include:  Personal Computers, Monitors, LCD Screen/Flat Screen Monitors, VCR’s, Radios, Stereos, DVD Players, Microwaves, Power Supplies, Vacuums, Banking Equipment, Telephones, Pagers, Networking Equipment, Laptops, Keyboards, Mice, Power Cables, Medical Equipment (Non-Hazardous), Printers, Copy Machines, Fax Machines, Cell Phones, Transformers, Scanners, Portable Electronic Devices, Servers, HUBS, Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Remotes, Modems, Projectors, Cameras ($10.00 Processing Charge for Televisions and $5.00 Processing Charge for CRT’s).


The following items are NOT accepted:  Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, Dishwashers, Mercury Containing Devices, Hazardous Chemicals/Materials, Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes, Bio-Waste, Liquids of any kind.


Keep Newnan Beautiful relayed to IMS some of the concerns people had about electronic recycling.  They responded to these concerns with the following:

Where do my electronics really go?  The electronics received from the event are taken to the processing center of IMS in Decatur, Ga. The items are sorted for reuse if at all possible and given to non-profits or charitable groups.  Each component received is broken down to the basic materials such as plastics, metals, glass, circuit boards and wire. These components are then forwarded to various companies for the re-manufacturing of new items. IMS does not ship any whole electronics overseas and all processing is done in-house in one of their multiple processing centers in the USA.


Why the $10.00 processing fee for TV’s and $5.00 fee for CRT’s?  The processing fee for TV’s and CRT’s assist in covering the cost for IMS to dismantle them, separating into the various plastics, metals and glass tube (lead shielded). There is a special process to separate the lead from the glass which will allow both the glass and lead to be reused in other manufacturing processes. This is a very expensive process and only a few areas in North America can perform this task. IMS pays for this process to ensure the harmful elements, such as lead, are kept from polluting our environment and landfills. 

So gather up your old/broken electronics and bring them to Ashley Park on Saturday, October 20th! You can reduce the excess in your home and feel good knowing they will be reused and recycled! For more information about this and other upcoming events please visit our website at or email or call Carol Duffey at 770-253-8283.


October’s Artist of the month is a Collection of Artists Works from Farrago Gallery

On display at Newnan’s City Hall for the month of October is a cross section of the works from some of the gallery’s core artists.


Kim Ramey: Kim Ramey’s work has a pleasing dreamlike quality that draws in the viewer, and her techniques in mixed media are studied and well-thought-out. Kim’s current show, “Wanderings” is currently on display at Farrago Gallery thru October 23.

Chris Hendrix: New to our local art community, Chris Hendrix builds her paintings and entices the art lover with strong texture and bursts of color. Chris’ decorative works are bold and dramatic.

Carol Adams: Resuming her art career after several years, Carol Adams’ figurative works show an expressive brush stroke and a sophisticated sense of color. Carol’s works hang in local collections in the surrounding area.

Sherry Cook: Known regionally for her whimsical creatures and exuberant lines, Sherry Cook’s style is admired by many. Her themed works include images of mermaids, woodland creatures and fabulous folk art motifs.

Farrago Gallery offers the freshest artwork in Newnan. The recently expanded gallery features works from over two dozen local artists and caters to the collector with an eye for the progressive and expressive. Stop by and see Farrago Gallery’s City Hall exhibit showing throughout the month of October and be certain to visit Farrago on at 9 Greenville Street, just one block south of the Historic Newnan Square. Farrago is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Newnan Notes highlight 10.1.2012

Taste of Newnan 20th Anniversary October 4th

The Fall Taste of Newnan, sponsored by Main Street Newnan, is gearing up for a night of fun for the whole family. Located on the courthouse square in historic Downtown Newnan from 5-8:30 pm there is sure to be something for everyone! The event showcases local restaurants and caterers and gives attendees the opportunity to sample foods that these businesses do best. October commemorates the 20th Anniversary of this great event.

One major change for the Fall Taste of Newnan will be that tokens will no longer be used and you will purchase tickets for all of your “taste” purchases. There will be 5 ticket booths set up on the four corners of the square and one beside the Kidz Zone. If you have tokens from previous years this is the time to cash them in for tickets. Token exchange will be allowed for this event only and you will need to exchange them at the ticket booths. Tokens will not be accepted from the vendors. 

Newnan City Hall and Newnan Coweta Art Association Celebrate the 4th of July with Artist of the month Exhibit

Fireworks seem to be flying from the imaginations of the members of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association! Currently the Patriotic Exhibit at City Hall features a selection of artwork that depicts several aspects of our nation’s freedom.

“From the first shot of the Revolutionary War to the cannons at Antietam, to an eagle, flag and a soldier’s “welcome home.”  These are several works that will provoke special love for the United States of America,” said Rusty Sharp, NCAA liaison to the city.

The NCAA artists being displayed are the following:

  • Marc Stewart
  • Laura Walker
  • Cecilia Smith
  • Bette Schumann
  • Laurie Yawn
  • Richard Doss
  • Eunice Nichols
  • Ginny Crook

About the Newnan Coweta Art Association (NCAA)

NCAA meets the third Thursday each month (from September through May) at the Harriet Alexander Art Center on Hospital Road at 7 p.m. An art demonstration is presented each month. Visitors and new members are welcome.

Crook Named Artist of the Month for June

Ginny Crook invites you to view her watercolor paintings which are on display at the Newnan City Hall.  She moved to Carrollton from Savannah, GA where she had the opportunity to study color theory and design under watercolor artist-instructor, Rebecca Karre-Willis  She has also studied under several nationally known artists.  Although she mainly paints with watercolor, she also paints with acrylic and oils.  She has found that each medium presents its’ own unique challenges.


She enjoys going to art seminars at which she makes new friends and also learns new techniques from different teachers.  She thinks that painting is a lifetime study of improving your painting skills.


Her husband, Jack, encourages her and keeps her striving to paint “that masterpiece“.  She intends to cover many canvases and keep her brushes wet.  At 81, she invites and encourages all to “Come on!  Let‘s paint!”


Ginny is a member of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association. NCAA meets the third Thursday each month (from September through May) at the Harriet Alexander Art Center on Hospital Road at 7:00 p.m. Visitors and new members are welcome. An art demonstration is presented each month. Come and join the fun!

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